Revelations and Withholdings
May 3 - October 26, 2014


Featuring the lithophane, ceramic and porcelain art of Tara Polansky. The show features some of Tara’s previous 2D works and porcelain pieces as well as her new porcelain work. Displayed nearby are select pieces from the Blair’s collection of Herend Porcelain lithophanes.



“Shoulder” A detail from the installation piece “The Great Reveal”, a synchronized backlit collage of imagery on porcelain roundels. The work explores how visual information is perceived and interpreted when the viewer is given only partial information briefly revealed.
“If I Had Met My Grandma” is a porcelain lithophane created from a digitally altered photograph in which Tara united her maternal Grandmother and herself into a single composition, although in real time and space, her Grandma had died 16 years prior to Tara’s birth.