Robert Huebner
The Blair Museum mourns the loss of the Chairman of the Advisory Board, Robert L. Huebner, who died May 4, 2004. Bob shepherded the collection from boxes of lithophanes to a functioning museum. Without his tireless effort and determination, we would not be here.


Born in Toledo in 1921, Bob married his soul-mate, Rose Ann "Posy" Britsch, in 1941. Posy is Laurel Blair's first cousin. A member of the Greatest Generation, Bob served our country as a Navy Seabee in World War II. The Seabees were advance troops who built the roads and runways on the islands in the Pacific so the rest of our military could continue their march toward Japan. Perhaps this early training gave Bob his dedication to getting the job done, no matter what the obstacles.


A gentle man, Bob was not harsh or demanding, but he was persistent. If he didn't get an answer, or the answer he wanted, he called back. If you were working on a project he checked on you. It it wasn't finished, he checked again in a few days. He was tenacious.


Bob and Posy traveled extensively, and were strong supporters of the arts and culture here in Toledo. However, in the last few years, their primary commitment was to the Blair Museum.






Bob and Posy Huebner at the Blair Museum as pictured on their 2003 Christmas Card.