Gregory A. Knott
On Sunday, January 10, 2010 the Blair Museum lost one of it's most ardent supporters. Gregory A. Knott, 62, died suddenly in his home in Toledo's Historic Old West End. Greg had been significantly involved in the Blair Museum since 1985, when he went to work as Sales Manager of the Blair Realty and Investment Company. Laurel Blair became his mentor, and Greg became involved with lithophanes and the Museum. Greg was the first Blair Museum person to photograph lithophanes back-lit. Prior to Greg's pictures, those subscribing to the old bulletins received pictures of barely recognizable lumpy white objects. Greg's photo's were highly praised by the Membership. He was the only person besides Laurel permitted to conduct Museum tours. He convinced Laurel to deviate from the mandatory “two hour tour” during the annual Old West End Festival, when 15 minute tours, conducted by Greg, were offered every hour to allow the Museum's neighbors to get a quick glimpse of what they were missing.


After Mr. Blair's death, Greg and a City employee named Tim Haney cataloged and wrapped the entire Collection. With the assistance of Mr. Blair's former secretary, Marilyn Kehl, Greg photographed the entire Collection, back-lit, providing a permanent, pictorial record.


While our great Bob Huebner tirelessly battled the Bureaucracy, Greg worked, as did we all, to create the completed Museum. Along with the rest of us, he celebrated our Grand Opening in 2002. Since then, he has conducted many tours and promoted the Museum constantly. His PBS video The Three Minute Egg, is shown to every tour group as an introduction.


In his lifetime, Greg was a railroader, a recycler, a realtor and a night club owner, He was retired at the time of his death.


The Friends of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes has established an acquisition fund as a memorial to Greg. A rare 19th century German lithophane from Reinecke Fuchs has already been purchased by this fund. Additionally, the Gregory Knott Memorial Acquisition Fund has purchased contemporary artist Hannah Blackwell's Cut'n Up (dancing mice) lithophane and a 19th century rare Meissen lithophane William Penn's Treaty with the Indians. If you would like to donate to the fund, make your donation check made payable to: Friends of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes and send it to:


Gregory A Knott Memorial Acquisition Fund

Friends of the Blair Museum of Lithophanes

5403 Elmer Drive

Toledo, OH 43615






Greg Knott at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Laurel Blair's birth, held at the Museum, September 6, 2009.