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GeeGee Blair

Stephen Goode

Life Time Members

Barr & Jeanne Asplundh - Mr.& Mrs.
Carleton Averill - Robert Bell - Curt
Benzle - Hannah Blackwell - JoAnne
Blair - Gee Gee Blair - Robin Blair -
Richard Boers - Robert Britsch -
Barbara Brown - Ellie & Jim Brunner
- David Burder - Sharon Clark - John
& Eve Coleman - Andrew Cook -
Robert S. Dieken - Jill Disher - Carol
Ann Du Brul - Jack Earl - Kate T.
Foster - May Louise Glen - Lloyd J. &
Nannette J. Graham - Peggy Grant -
Marie Harr - Ann & Brad Huebner -
Posy Huebner - Dave & Kathy
Kananen - Mary Karazim - Marilyn
Wilson Kehl - Brian & Mary Kennedy
- George & Suan Kertz - Claire & Allan
Kirsner - Heide & Jim Klein - Elaine &
Tom Kunz - Chuck & Dawn McCaghy
- Herbert & Carolyn Metzger -
Rosalind Miller - Jim Moore & Tim
Valko - Larry & Mary Jane Ocker -
Dorothy A. Oechsler - Michele
Oldman - Susan Poll - Dorothy Price -
Barbara & James Rankin - Patricia
Scharf - Stacey Scharf - Kelly & Tom
Sheehan - Dr. Richard Spriggs -
Susanne Swisher & Family - Thomas
& Jane Switzer - James & Mary Tita -
Margy & Scott Trumball - William
Walker Jr & Margaret Carney - Chuck
Williams THANK YOU.

Lithophane Members

Sandra Wiseley

Contributing Members

Pat McWilliam

Georgia Huebner

Jeanne Asplundh

Roger and Mary Anne Pietras

Rebecca Bodeman

Dorothy Price

Patricia Scharf

Robin Blair


Cynthia Motzenbecker

Loan and Jocelyn Marinescu

Tom and Nancy Durnford

Stuart and Cynthia Katz

Judy Mock

Alan and Ann Goodridge

Harold and Eileen Hoffman

Daniel Valdez and Paul Finkel

Richard and Diana Hess

Diane Rusk

Stephen Scharf

Jules Marcu and Susan Pisegna

Kip and Heather Lady

Margaret Trumball

Patricia Poll

Michele Oldman


Senior and Student


Borje Saxberg

Pollie Bland

Charles Fishburn

Susan Conda

Stephen Fishbach

Patsy Camp

Judy Deisher

Patricia Poll

Elizabeth Ford

Nancy Verver

Kay Saxby





Kroger Community Rewards

The easiest way to support the Museum every time you shop. Just register your Kroger Plus Card at Use the organization number RM032. This will not affect your discounts or fuel points. There is no cost to you. Every time you shop with your Kroger Plus Card, Kroger will credit the Museum with a donation. You must re-register every year in April to continue your donations to the Museum.


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